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Augmented reality

Appeared around 1992 with “fused reality” (Thomas Caudell and David Mizell created it at boeing), the concept of AR ( Augmented Reality) has started to become part of our daily life : cellphone, shopping, games, advertising…and many other uses are to be discovered. What is augmented reality ? Basically it’s merging virtual elements with real elements to create another vision of the reality. More concretely you may have seen it on tv during a match (on the ground for strategies or scores), in video games (eye toy or eye of the judgement for playstation) or on iPhone (with gps technology).
But the beginning of augmented reality in multimedia is the development of ARToolkit (computer vision tracking) by the Japanese Hirokazu Kato. And more recently (2009) Saqoosha adapted it for flash with FLARToolkit (Flash Augmented Reality Toolkit). It’s based on a markers which looks like QR codes but more simply (it doesn’t contain information) and more possibilities for design ( you can use anything inside the square shaped black border).

Here are some examples of what you can/could do with AR :

Some other uses :
+ Augmented dressing
+ GE ecomagination
+ Esquire mag
+ Saqoosha website
+ Boffswana website (developement studio)

IPhone app :
+ Presslite
+ Review on Businessweek

Resources :
+ Tutorial to try augmented reality with video

+ Book “Fundamentals of wearable computers and augumented reality”
+ Book online pdf
+ Wikipedia definition of augmented reality


Which design never thought “wow theses colors are so great, i’ve to use them in my work” after seeing a landscape or in everyday life ? Also if you are an adept of Adobe Kuler you’ll surely like it! If not then maybe this application won’t excite your mind as mine and you’ll just see a pantone color library. Of course you have access to Pantone color system libraries :
•    PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (coated, uncoated and matte)
•    PANTONE Goe™ (coated and uncoated)
•    PANTONE Pastels (coated and uncoated)
•    PANTONE FASHION + HOME (paper and cotton)
•    Includes sRGB, HTML and L*a*b* for all colors

But what’s more interesting for me is that you can capture and extract colors with you iPhone camera (or every image on your iPhone)! Then you can memorize color palettes at anytime, the color of the sky, a painting, the decoration of a store, clothes of a friend…
I think the concept was adapted from colorMunki which is for color calibration, so more sharp than this app but also more expensive.
Here are some screenshots for explaining how it work :

mypantone_01(1) The interface is based on the classical paper guide, you can select every color and access to his description
(2) You can select the system library you want

mypantone_02(3 & 4) Take a picture with your iphone camera and then move and scale it

mypantone_03(5) Auto-extract the colors of the picture to make your palette
(6)You can see your palette, and use the magnify tool to see colors on the picture

mypantone_04(7 & 8) Add colors to your palette and see the description of them

mypantone_05(9) You can email your palette, post it on the website, send it to other devices, view in layout (see next screenshot) or just look at the details
(10) Sample of email sent with myPantone

mypantone_06(11 & 12) Layout show you an overview of your palette on a background (you can change it with your own pictures)

In conclusion if you have an iPhone and you like colors, for only 9,99 usd (7,99 eur), it’ll be a useful tool for your creations.

+ myPantone website

Microsoft sustainability

Made by the studio Oh, Hello in collaboration with Mason Nicoll and Microsoft, this video is a glimpse into the future of computing ( microsoft said it could be around 2020). I think it’s a good reflexion of how could interactive design (dynamics data, motion, 3D…) evolve to make the daily life easier. It could seems like sci-fi but we’re not so far from that since we’ve already started to develop similar technologies (voice recognition, flexible screen…)

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